Firousi Siamese & Orientals

Gallery of Fame

I apologise for the quality of some of these photos, some of them are quite old and are from before the days of digital photography, ( or before I possessed a digital camera), the originals were not very good so have not scanned in too well.


Grand Champion Firousi Philanderer M - 32/3

Grand Premier Firousi Faux Pas MN - 32a

Grand Champion Firousi Roxanne F - 29c

Imperial Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier

Firousi Freedspirit (32c)

The first and only Cream Point to achieve the double title

Sadly the beautiful "Blondie" is no longer with us. I will always be grateful to Harry & Rosie Meekings for continuing to show her, even into her more senior years where her beautiful and rare pale cream colouring could be seen.

She has won many BIS's at Specialist Siamese Breed shows, and at 10 years of age, she was probably the oldest Siamese to win an Olympian certificate.

RIP Blondie

Grand Champion & Premier Firousi Fleuressence F - 32t2

Grand Champion Firousi Fait Accompli - 32/2

Grand Champion Firousi Figgaro M - 32a

Imperial Grand Premier

Firousi Phantomoftheopera (48 42)

My thanks to Barbie James for showing him so well.

Champion Firousi Foie Gras M - 32c

Other titled Firousi Cats that I am afraid I do not have photos of:-

Grand Champion Firousi Sowhynot F -24a

Champion Firousi Don Quixote M - 24c

Champion Firousi Framboise F - 37a

Grand Premier Firousi Harlequin MN - 24c

Premier Firousi Farouche FN - 37p

Champion Firousi Larhill Sapphire F 24a